Sports betting Guide

Sports betting has been around for years, and is hugely popular in countries such as America and Great Britain. For some time this is also possible in Europe, and of course also online! Predict which team wins, which player scores, how many points difference, etc … and WIN!

Sports betting: how does that work?

Sports competitions are fun to watch anyway, but when one has bet on the outcome, it becomes even more exciting! The tension ensures that you are completely absorbed in the competition, and that you will encourage your team or favorite player like never before.

How does it work? Bookmakers record your bet and receive the money. They also pay out the winnings when they have gambled correctly. When betting on sporting events you can choose how you bet your money:

  • Profit / draw / loss: you predict which team will win or you predict a draw.
  • “Handicap”: you will not only predict the winner, but also the lead with which it will win.
  • Under / over: predict whether more / fewer goals will be scored than the number communicated in advance.

Soccer betting

In Europe, betting on football matches is the most popular among sports betting and that is of course no surprise! There is mainly betting on Champions League and Jupiler Pro League matches. Of course you increase your chances when you follow the football well and know the football teams well. Which teams are doing well? Who has too many injured players? Who is strong at home or away? All relevant questions with which you can gather very interesting information. By betting on a football match it becomes even more fun to watch it! You are completely absorbed in the competition and cheer extra hard for the team of your choice.

Promotions for sports betting

Sports betting tips: do you want to increase your chances of winning? Then take advantage of the so-called online sports gambling promotions. These promotions come in many forms, but the most common is the first deposit bonus. This means that with the first deposit you make with a bookmaker, you will receive an extra amount of free money.

Simply register with an online sports betting website that you like, make a deposit and claim your free money, it’s that simple. Extremely important: you cannot simply withdraw this money! You get this money to gamble with: it is therefore not possible (or the intention) that you register with different bookmakers and then make a deposit to be able to withdraw the bonus.

Special bets

In addition to sports betting, you can also participate in other online bets. This way you can often bet money on special events or events. This way you can try to predict the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, or bet when the next Belgian government will be formed. However, it can be even crazier! Who will be the next pope? That way you could increase your bet fivefold in the election of Pope Francis! Cardinal Danneels had brought you even more, with chances of 1/65.

Live Sports Betting

Often you can also bet live on sports matches. With live sports betting you can bet on who gets the first card, who makes the next goal or who becomes the final winner. Of course, since everything goes live, the odds also change during the match. When a goal is scored, the chance of winning increases or decreases for both parties. Nowadays there are a lot of “apps” available for smartphones or tablets. This allows you to bet on sports matches in real time anywhere and to follow up!

The advantages:

  • You can easily choose a team or player without having to leave your house;
  • Everything remains completely anonymous. The online betting sites fully respect your privacy;
  • Take advantage of the many bonuses! You can often count on an interesting bonus;
  • Thanks to the Belgian Gaming Commission you are assured of fair play. All websites that you find on Belgian are 100 percent legal and have the necessary licenses!